We offer Pre-Retirement Planning

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We offer Pre-Retirement Planning

Retirement security is one of the most critical issues Americans face today. You don’t need to do it alone. As part of our commitment to helping individuals plan for a comfortable retirement, Michigan Retirement Specialists has answered many common retirement questions and has published a number of articles and reports on retirement topics. We’ve also prepared several tools to help guide you through your retirement planning. And, to help make your planning for YOUR DATE a reality,

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Getting Started With Estate Planning

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A comprehensive Estate and Financial plan with objective advice should be your first step to planning your financial future. Your financial plan should be about you-your dreams and your priorities. Your goals are important, not just the ones that are of immediate concern, but all of your goals, both short term and long term. As life events occur, goals change and your plan should be updated accordingly. Choose to develop a comprehensive plan that will provide the strategies and guidance needed to help answer your pressing financial questions. An important first step is to look at all of your financial needs as part of a bigger, interrelated picture. You need to examine a number of important...

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Retirement with Financial Planning

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Proactive Macomb County Professionals Now Protecting Their Future into Retirement with Financial Planning Services from Michigan Retirement Specialists Trusted Macomb County leaders for comprehensive pre-retirement and post-retirement financial advisory services, Michigan Retirement Specialists are now helping older working professionals across the region to understand their retirement options. The company’s experienced team members can guide clients through the immediate pre-retirement financial planning phase and into post retirement, and identify the opportunities available to workers while mitigating the risk within their portfolios. It’s the expert financial service that all retirees require in meeting their personal retirement lifestyle objectives. Many blue-collar Americans are now concerned about the road ahead in terms of their post-career life. They’ve worked hard in tough conditions through their later years and believe they should be able to achieve a lifestyle consummate with the level they’ve always wanted in their golden years. While a pension might cover some lifestyle requirements, it’s important for workers to move forward in analyzing other areas of potential portfolio growth. First, retirees across Fraser, Roseville and Chesterfield, MI must gain actionable advice from experienced retirement management companies. It’s for this reason many are now turning to the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists for financial planning guidance. Michigan Retirement Specialists is now working with clients to determine their financial objectives and ensure that their financial return rates are aligned with post-retirement objectives. The company’s expertise in the areas of tax planning, IRA roll overs and 401(k)s can ensure that each client meets their future earning potential, post-retirement, and moves forward in their life knowing that their financials are secure and their family’s future protected. Consultations with trusted industry advisors are now available for professionals looking to retire in the short-term future. To learn more about Michigan Retirement Specialists and their services, please contact the company directly or visit their business website at...

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Advise on Estate Planning Process

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Michigan Retirement Specialists Advising Clients on the Estate Planning Process Americans must employ legal measures to ensure that their estates are protected in the event of illness and death. These measures ensure that their estates and their financial wealth are available to their airs in the event that they are unable to access it. Most still put off this crucial planning process for their estate. And this means that their loved ones are often left with the headaches and tough-decisions to make when they’re no longer around. A comprehensive estate plan must include the following elements: A Living Trust In basic terms, a living trust is a document created alongside a legal specialist that defines the desires of the person for the future of their finances. This document will provide a structure for dividing assets to family members. The big difference between a living trust and a living will is that a living will is only activated upon the person’s death, whereas assets in a living trust can be passed on to descendants while the bearer of the trust is still alive. As such, there are two distinct types of living trusts – revocable and irrevocable. Irrevocable living trusts allow asset holders to give away their assets during their lifetime. While revocable trusts provide the holder with control over their assets. Power of Attorney A Power of Attorney document empowers a holder to take control of assets signed over to them by the document creator. The document offers a means for family members to take control of assets such as property and financial resources that are or were owned by a loved one. It is designed to help mitigate the challenges posed when someone is unable to make their own decisions, due to medical concerns or death. The Power of Attorney document enables the holder to make choices for their loved one regarding medical treatment and the transfer of assets in their name. It’s a document that must only be created alongside a trusted professional with many years of legal and financial services training. Tax Mitigation Strategies One of the leading challenges faced by any individual going through the estate planning process is finding methods to help ensure that their personal wealth is transferred to their loved ones without a heavy tax burden. Without proactive research and access to tax mitigation specialists, those creating estate planning strategies will fall victim to heavy financial penalty. And so it’s important for those reviewing plans for their estate to speak with a specialist about the implications of their choices in terms of incurred taxation. Qualified financial planning advisors can help retirees build a comprehensive estate plan that helps ensure their wishes are fulfilled. To learn more about the estate planning process, contact the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists directly...

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Seeking Financial Planning Advice?

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Americans Now Seeking Financial Planning Advice from Leading Specialists Such as Michigan Retirement Specialists Many Americans have noticed that the Dow Industrial Index has reached peak levels in recent times, and they now wonder how they can capitalize on the exceptional performance of business stocks to help boost their personal retirement portfolio. The critical element in all high performance portfolios is a financial planner who helps guide the decision making for the client and empowers the client in finding financial planning solutions that comprise a seamless balance between both their risk aversion levels and their retirement objectives. Here are three questions the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists asks their financial planning clients: 1) How Much Life Savings Can You Afford to Lose? The interesting element of today’s marketplace is that few stock brokers will ask their clients how much of their savings they are willing to place in harm’s way should they make the wrong choice in their product selection. The answer to this question is often a combination of how confident the client feels within their financial planning to date, and their commitment to reaching their objectives in the future. A forthright financial planner will make the answer to this question a crucial element in the portfolio they create for the client. 2) What is Your Investment’s Time Horizon? An investment time horizon is the amount of time that the investor’s capital is locked into that particular product. In general, the longer the investment horizon the more flexibility the investor has within the products they select. Risk-averse investors tend to select long-investment horizons for their capital in order to ensure sturdy, manageable growth of a retirement fund. Working with a financial planning specialist can help future retirees to review their personal investment horizon and decide upon a date that suits their requirements. 3) Are You Worried by Declines In Your Investment Accounts? One of the leading challenges for those heading into retirement is stress. They worry that they don’t have the requisite financial resources to help care for their family. And they’re concerned about the future in general. Leading financial planning experts will ask their clients whether they’re worried by declines in the investment accounts. They will then help to manage this stress by providing comprehensive amounts of information that can allay fears and provide respite against nagging doubts. The right investment specialist will never ask a client to simply trust them. They will provide complete data on the financial marketplace and allow the client to see how their personal financial wealth is supporting their future in retirement. To learn more about the retirement investment process, contact the specialists at Michigan Retirement Specialists directly today. Qualified personnel are standing-by to answer any...

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Planning Services to City Employees

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Michigan Retirement Specialists Offering Planning Services to City Employees across Region Macomb County experts for retirement planning services, Michigan Retirement Specialists are now inviting city officials across the region to review the benefits of their advisory services. The company is offering their retirement planning expertise to city employees at no-added cost to the city, thereby improving financial security for government employees and protecting taxpayers against further expenditures in the process. Today’s public employees and first responders such as fire and police service officials simply don’t have the required access to financial planning expertise. Those who are over 55 and looking to the future require an understanding of the increasingly complex financial services marketplace in order to ensure that their future objectives are served by their portfolio. While most public employees over the age of 55 will have a precise date in mind for retirement, they often don’t have a pre or post retirement plan. And that’s where the help of experts such as Michigan Retirement Specialists is required. Michigan Retirement Specialists will work with public officials to provide them comprehensive information on their options as they move through the pre and post-retirement phases. While vehicles such as 401(K) act as a means to negotiate retirement prudently, Michigan Retirement Specialists will act as the GPS to guide new clients on meeting their objectives by harnessing the tools available to them alongside the latest market research. It’s a valuable financial planning service now offered by the leading retirement planning company serving Macomb County, Oakland County and Warren County. To learn more, please contact the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists directly or visit their business website at...

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Retirement Plans

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Michigan Retirement Specialists Helping City Workers Optimize Retirement Plans with Prudent Financial Planning For public employees such as fire officials and police, the pension plans they once depended upon are now being slowly diminished due to budgetary cutbacks across the country. In this environment, it’s imperative that all workers have access to financial planning services that can help them create retirement plans designed precisely for them and their families. For those living across Macomb County, the services of the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists can now help ensure that protective safety net for the future. Michigan Retirement Specialists is a leader within the retirement planning industry. The company’s team has a sole focus on helping their clients achieve the best return on investment for their capital. This means that clients across the region are able to achieve advice based on their future objectives, not simply the best return for the financial planning company. The company works with a broad range of private and public sector employees to help them devise retirement plans that assure strong portfolio performance for the years ahead. In order to build those strategies, the Michigan Retirement Specialists team harnesses products such as annuities, which offer a consistent return for the investor, as well offering tax reduction and estate planning guidance. In addition, they offer products that don’t risk the investor’s original principal sum. It’s a dynamic solution for all retirement planning requirements. Because of the company’s role as thought leaders within the retirement planning marketplace, Michigan Retirement Specialists are considered educators as well as services providers. The company’s in-house team offers a broad range of educational seminars to help clients analyze their current portfolio and discover the latest opportunities available to them within the ever-changing financial marketplace. These seminars will help outline the various risks within the marketplace and showcase how working with trusted planner can help set the course for effective retirement plans. One of the company’s leading assets is their ability to maintain a complete focus on the current marketplace. Their team members are continually analyzing new data to ensure that their clients’ current portfolios are positioned to achieve lasting revenue growth as new regulations and new products emerge. The Michigan Retirement Specialists’ staff prides itself on a commitment to crystal-clear communication with all clientele. There is no obscure fine print to read for clients working with the company; it’s simply a straightforward consulting process that will allow each client to achieve their financial objectives as they move into the post-retirement phase of their lives. Free consultations with on-site specialists are available on short-notice! To learn more about Michigan Retirement Specialists and the company’s exceptional track record of success within the retirement planning marketplace, contact their headquarters directly and book a consultation. Qualified financial planners are on-hand to help you begin setting a foundation for the...

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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning Leaders Michigan Retirement Specialists Helping Clients Overcome Challenges of Saving for the Future in a Low Interest Rate Environment Today’s investors are attempting to save their money for the future in market conditions that are challenging for any saver to navigate. Many holders of vehicles such as CDs (Certificates of Deposit) are finding that, unlike the 1980s and early 1990s, their investment is simply sitting still and not gaining any value due to both inflation levels and the limited interest now offered by financial institutions. In order to ensure that the required financial resources are available in retirement, many proactive investors are now working with financial planning companies such as Michigan Retirement Specialists. Michigan Retirement Specialists has become known for their ability to help clients better understand the choices available to them as they enter into the post-retirement phase of life. The company’s work has helped hundreds of hardworking people across Macomb County achieve their objectives for financial freedom. And one element of this work is education. Michigan Retirement Specialists have spent many years educating clients on the pitfalls of holding their financial resources within CDs. In this post bail-out economy, CDs put investors on the losing side of the transaction. Banks are lending money out at high interest while offering limited interest to those who save their money within Certificates of Deposit. Michigan Retirement Specialists are now introducing their clients to new financial instruments that can offer a superior return on investment over CDs. One of the leading reasons why clients turn to the financial planning leaders at Michigan Retirement Specialists is that the company is focused completely on helping clients to achieve their financial objectives going into retirement. Unlike other advisory companies, every element of their business is designed with the goal of helping clients to build their returns. For example, the company offers a range of alternative vehicles to clients looking for alternative to CDs. Michigan Retirement Specialists are also helping many of their clients extricate themselves financially from the burden of a low interest CD investment. It’s how they’re helping local area workers to ensure that their post retirement years are spent in comfortable financial conditions. An example of the company’s specialized financial planning services is their work with union workers. Michigan Retirement Specialists provides actionable and prudent financial advice to those whose pensions have been decimated by recent reforms within the US pension system. The company can guide union workers through their various investment options and help them to improve upon the returns they’re seeing from their company sponsored pension. It’s a service that is helping hard workers across Macomb County accrue the wealth they deserve into their retirement years. To begin analyzing your financial objectives for the future, contact Michigan Retirement Specialists today for a free no obligation consultation with a specialist. Just a few moments of your time could help vastly improve your financial comfort for the rest of your...

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Effective Retirement Strategies

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Michigan Retirement Specialists Empower Macomb County Residents with Effective Retirement Strategies While Certificates of Deposits (CDs) are federally insured and easy-to-understand, they are also limited in terms of the return they provide investors. This is one of the leading reasons that so many hardworking professionals across Macomb County are now searching for alternatives in the marketplace. Only through close consideration of all available asset classes alongside a trusted financial planning specialist can those saving for retirement truly achieve long-term returns. That’s why retirees across the region are working with the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists. Michigan Retirement Specialists are known as a company that understands the challenges facing the modern retiree. They know that workers over the age of 55 are now spending a large amount of their time considering their financial future and the prospect of retirement. In recent years, the Federal Reserve has been aggressively driving down interest rates in order to stimulate movement within the economy. This strategy has had a negative effect on the investment portfolio of many hardworking Americans. Michigan Retirement Specialists is now helping their clientele escape from poorly performing investments, and instead, find financial products more suited both to the retiree’s future requirements and the modern financial environment. As part of their work with retirees across the Macomb County region, Michigan Retirement Specialists offer educational seminars that introduce retirees to products such as annuities and to topics such as estate planning. The company’s educational seminars provide an insight into today’s financial services environment and outline the benefits and risks of a range of products in straight-forward language. One example of the company’s current capabilities is the services they deliver to local city employees. Michigan Retirement Specialists now helps local governments consolidate their costs by providing free financial planning guidance to employees as they move forward into retirement. The company guides police personnel, fire officials and other local government workers as they consider their personal retirement plan. While they might have a pension plan in place, it’s imperative that workers understand how much coverage their particular pension plan will provide for the years to come. Michigan Retirement Specialists’ services empower city employees with a full understanding of their pension and the various marketplace products that can be utilized to enhance the value of retirement incomes. The experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists can devise individual retirement plans that conform to the worker’s unique retirement objectives with complete precision, thanks to their tireless commitment to client success and their comprehensive understanding of the financial marketplace. Effective retirement planning can ensure financial independence for the long-term future. Begin the process today with a Michigan Retirement Specialists expert right by your side. Contact the company directly to book a free consultation with an experienced financial...

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Advice on Pension Plan Options

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Michigan Retirement Specialists Provide Macomb County Residents with Actionable Advice on Pension Plan Options The Baby Boomer generation is now heading toward their retirement. With their working duties fulfilled, those entering their retirement require access to a financial management expertise that will ensure they capitalize on the pension plan options available to them. For city workers across the region of Macomb County, the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists is now available to plot a path forward that ensures full capitalization on the best available options in the marketplace. Michigan Retirement Specialists is an organization built on a foundation of financial services experience. Each member of the company team has several years of experience in guiding clientele on financial serviceproducts that allow for an optimal return on investment within the current low interest rate environment. It has not been an easy last few years for many professionals reviewing their retirement portfolio. For example, those holding investments such as Certificates of Deposits (CDs) have experienced limited growth. That is why so many local residents are now turning to the planning expertise of Michigan Retirement Specialists in order to ensure optimal structure for their retirement. One of the leading objectives of the company’s services is to help clientele find a way to retire earlier than their current pension plan might allow. The difficulty for most retirees is that they have been so busy working hard for the majority of their lives that they simply have not had the time to research their available financial options as they move into the retirement phase of life. Fortunately, the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists can outline products such annuities and provide practical and actionable advice on areas such as estate planning. As part of their work with clientele, the Michigan Retirement Specialists team offers free educational seminars that help showcase the various differences between the products available on the marketplace. These seminars will, for example, help clients understand the differences between fixed and variable annuities. They will also help to provide clients with a clear picture for their future retirement. After attending the company’s seminars, clients can then speak with an in-house financial services specialist to help plot their own personalized path forward. Michigan Retirement Specialists works with city officials across Macomb County to help them understand the various benefits built into their pension plan. These services are provided free-of-charge to the city and ensure that the company acts as an extension of the city’s financial services and HR offices. Local government officials can simply contact the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists directly to find out how to organize their own information session. Success in planning for the future cannot be achieved without full knowledge of the options available. Secure your future retirement today by speaking with a Michigan Retirement Specialists team...

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