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Financial Planning Leaders Michigan Retirement Specialists Helping Clients Overcome Challenges of Saving for the Future in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Today’s investors are attempting to save their money for the future in market conditions that are challenging for any saver to navigate. Many holders of vehicles such as CDs (Certificates of Deposit) are finding that, unlike the 1980s and early 1990s, their investment is simply sitting still and not gaining any value due to both inflation levels and the limited interest now offered by financial institutions. In order to ensure that the required financial resources are available in retirement, many proactive investors are now working with financial planning companies such as Michigan Retirement Specialists.

Michigan Retirement Specialists has become known for their ability to help clients better understand the choices available to them as they enter into the post-retirement phase of life. The company’s work has helped hundreds of hardworking people across Macomb County achieve their objectives for financial freedom. And one element of this work is education. Michigan Retirement Specialists have spent many years educating clients on the pitfalls of holding their financial resources within CDs. In this post bail-out economy, CDs put investors on the losing side of the transaction. Banks are lending money out at high interest while offering limited interest to those who save their money within Certificates of Deposit. Michigan Retirement Specialists are now introducing their clients to new financial instruments that can offer a superior return on investment over CDs.

One of the leading reasons why clients turn to the financial planning leaders at Michigan Retirement Specialists is that the company is focused completely on helping clients to achieve their financial objectives going into retirement. Unlike other advisory companies, every element of their business is designed with the goal of helping clients to build their returns. For example, the company offers a range of alternative vehicles to clients looking for alternative to CDs. Michigan Retirement Specialists are also helping many of their clients extricate themselves financially from the burden of a low interest CD investment. It’s how they’re helping local area workers to ensure that their post retirement years are spent in comfortable financial conditions.

An example of the company’s specialized financial planning services is their work with union workers. Michigan Retirement Specialists provides actionable and prudent financial advice to those whose pensions have been decimated by recent reforms within the US pension system. The company can guide union workers through their various investment options and help them to improve upon the returns they’re seeing from their company sponsored pension. It’s a service that is helping hard workers across Macomb County accrue the wealth they deserve into their retirement years.

To begin analyzing your financial objectives for the future, contact Michigan Retirement Specialists today for a free no obligation consultation with a specialist. Just a few moments of your time could help vastly improve your financial comfort for the rest of your life.