Advice on Pension Plan Options

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Michigan Retirement Specialists Provide Macomb County Residents with Actionable Advice on Pension Plan Options

The Baby Boomer generation is now heading toward their retirement. With their working duties fulfilled, those entering their retirement require access to a financial management expertise that will ensure they capitalize on the pension plan options available to them. For city workers across the region of Macomb County, the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists is now available to plot a path forward that ensures full capitalization on the best available options in the marketplace.

Michigan Retirement Specialists is an organization built on a foundation of financial services experience. Each member of the company team has several years of experience in guiding clientele on financial serviceproducts that allow for an optimal return on investment within the current low interest rate environment. It has not been an easy last few years for many professionals reviewing their retirement portfolio. For example, those holding investments such as Certificates of Deposits (CDs) have experienced limited growth. That is why so many local residents are now turning to the planning expertise of Michigan Retirement Specialists in order to ensure optimal structure for their retirement.

One of the leading objectives of the company’s services is to help clientele find a way to retire earlier than their current pension plan might allow. The difficulty for most retirees is that they have been so busy working hard for the majority of their lives that they simply have not had the time to research their available financial options as they move into the retirement phase of life. Fortunately, the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists can outline products such annuities and provide practical and actionable advice on areas such as estate planning.

As part of their work with clientele, the Michigan Retirement Specialists team offers free educational seminars that help showcase the various differences between the products available on the marketplace. These seminars will, for example, help clients understand the differences between fixed and variable annuities. They will also help to provide clients with a clear picture for their future retirement. After attending the company’s seminars, clients can then speak with an in-house financial services specialist to help plot their own personalized path forward.

Michigan Retirement Specialists works with city officials across Macomb County to help them understand the various benefits built into their pension plan. These services are provided free-of-charge to the city and ensure that the company acts as an extension of the city’s financial services and HR offices. Local government officials can simply contact the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists directly to find out how to organize their own information session.

Success in planning for the future cannot be achieved without full knowledge of the options available. Secure your future retirement today by speaking with a Michigan Retirement Specialists team member.