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Achieve a Secured Financial Future by Selecting Michigan Retirement Specialists

Mike-with-clients-sideMichigan Retirement Specialists are considered the premiere independent retirement planning firm in Southwest Michigan. Within that role, the company brings together more than 70 years’ combined industry experience and develops concise, personalized and executable plans designed to help client achieve their unique retirement goals.

The company caters to the hard working middle class who have worked and saved there entire life and need a safe sound retirement plan that is designed to meet their specific specific needs. And they are proud of their leadership position within the modern marketplace. It’s a position that has been achieved through a tireless work ethic as well as an intuitive understanding of the evolving requirements of their client-base.

We would like to encapsulate the following message:
  • We work with executive and non executives so we don’t want to sound to elitist.
  • We have a long history of working with hard working middle class, union workers and persons ready to retire.
  • The company caters to the needs of a broad range of clientele, including company CEOs, Presidents, Union Leaders and high net-worth individuals.

Education-based Leadership The team at Michigan Retirement Specialists takes great pride in educating their client-base on the options available to them. Their understanding of the latest products available within the financial services marketplace is unparalleled. This means they’re able to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding on exotic products. Education and guidance plays a key role in helping the company to develop its client relationships.

Flexible Service Options Michigan Retirement Specialist is a company at the very forefront of the marketplace. This means they understand clients don’t want simple off-the-shelf solutions. Their clients require customized services designed to meet evolving financial objectives. And that’s why the company works to provide a full range of professional services that can be optimized to meet specific retirement objectives. It’s an organization driven by individualized service.

Comprehensive Analysis The experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists are often able to offer high net-worth individuals forward-thinking strategies that take into consideration future threats to the preservation of their wealth. Few companies have similar experience in this field. And it’s an advantage that has helped Michigan Retirement Specialists become a trusted ally to many of the leading business owners within southern Michigan.

Actionable Solutions Michigan Retirement Specialists are ability to provide clients with actionable retirement solutions that can be put in place quickly, based on the client’s unique objectives. The quality of the comprehensive strategies put in place by the firm is highlighted by their work with thousands of individuals over their years in the industry. It’s a level of experience that means there’s only one specialist for individuals to trust when they require tangible wealth management services.

golfing-coupleExperienced, forward-thinking and committed to client success, Michigan Retirement Specialists are the industry’s leader for customized service solutions. Contact the company’s in-house team today to learn more about the firm and their services.