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Michigan Retirement Specialists – Trusted, Experienced and Ready to Help Resolve Complex Challenges

6375730-two-happy-senior-ciWith over 70 years’ experience within the financial industry, the Michigan Retirement Specialists team has become one of the noted leaders within the marketplace. As an educator, advisor and partner, the firm offers tangible financial management options to a broad range of clients. This commitment enables the company to help clients both meet their retirement objectives and achieve the financial freedom that comes with making proactive, research-based choices for the future.

Michigan Retirement Specialists has developed long-standing business relationships with their clientele by delivering customized retirement planning strategies that take into account their personal expectations and goals. These relationships are founded upon trust, mutual respect and continued industry success. And so, by offering a non-commission-based service and a friendly, service-focused approach to financial planning, the company continues to thrive alongside its clientele.