Why We Are Different

Michigan Retirement Specialists – Financial Planning Driven Through Expert Teamwork

Workers Carrying SignTo understand why Michigan Retirement Specialists are unlike any of the other firms within the competitive financial services marketplace, it’s first important to outline the company’s working process. Each member of the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists takes time to get to know the company’s clients. The organization adopts a team-based approach to building comprehensive retirement planning strategies that meet individual client needs.

With over 70 years’ collective industry experience, the company’s specialists understand the marketplace like few others can. This means they’re able to build proactive and evolving financial plans based on the client’s current finances and their future financial objectives.

Why Clients select Michigan Retirement Specialists:

Experts In Advanced Asset Protection Models
Michigan Retirement Specialists understands the challenges that high net-worth individual face as they seek to ensure their wealth is preserved for their retirement years. The company designs actionable financial plans designed to serve the individual future financial needs. These plans are created through a series of meetings with the client and utilizing the full input of all members of the Michigan Retirement Specialists team.

No-Commission-Based Incentives
The Michigan Retirement Specialists team members are not paid via commissions. The company takes pride in offering a neutral starting point for their business with clients. Unlike at other firms, there’s no incentive for the firm’s experts to push costly plans on their clients. This means that each client working with Michigan Retirement Specialists can rest assured that the organization has their personal financial interests foremost in mind when designing proactive strategies.
At the beginning of this paragraph, we would like to add and encapsulate the following:

  • The Michigan Retirement Specialists team members are not paid via commissions for our retirement planning services.
  • Our clients are never charged a fee or a commission for our retirement planning services.

Continuous Communication
As a leading industry organization, Michigan Retirement Specialists has thrived based on creating an atmosphere of open communication between their experts and their clients. The plans that the team creates are designed to be optimized through an on-going process of financial management. This means that communication with clients is essential to strong decision-making on future financial needs. Clients can contact their Michigan Retirement Specialists’ representatives according to their own personal schedule. Experts are available on short-notice to discuss changes to the client’s financial situation or an opportunity the client would like to review.

Successful wealth and asset preservation requires action. Contact the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists today to learn more about the company and their industry-leading strategies for long-term financial success. Qualified financial services experts are available to speak with you.