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graphIn order to achieve long-term prosperity post-retirement, Americans must enact strategies based on the best available pre-retirement planning solutions. One of the challenges faced by many is that there is no resource available within their community to help teach them about the options and opportunities that are available to help them protect and build their wealth as they age. That’s why many are now turning to Michigan Retirement Specialists to learn more about the benefits of annuities.

Annuities are one of the most popular retirement products available within the financial services marketplace. When we use the term annuities, we generally mean one of three specific types of product. Please read below to learn about the types of annuities available.

Fixed Annuities
A fixed annuity is an investment product that provides clients with a specific return for their investment. One of the benefits of this type of product is that it can provide consistent returns regardless of marketplace performance. Payment levels are determined by whether the client chooses immediate payments or deferred annuities, which can accumulate interest.

Variable Annuities
A variable annuity is a tax-deferred retirement vehicle that enables clients to choose from a selection of investments. The annuity then pays retirement income to the individual, based on the performance of those underlying investments. Because of the growth potential of variable annuities, they may be more likely to outpace the rate of inflation.

Indexed Annuities
Equity indexed annuities comprise a combination of variable and fixed annuities. They are the ideal middle ground for those who cannot decide between fixed and variable annuities, because they provide fixed returns with the potential for higher returns based on market performance.

Michigan Retirement Specialists can Help Clients Make the Right Choice for Their Future
The company’s education-based services are designed to help clients find the ideal annuity vehicle for their future requirements. Here’s how the company can help:

Experienced Consultants Ready to Answer Question
Michigan Retirement Specialists employs experts with several decades of experience in the annuities marketplace. These experts can help respond to questions and concerns quickly. The can also provide effective guidance on high performance strategies.

Expert Risk and Reward Analysis
In their position as market leader, Michigan Retirement Specialists provides clients with expert-based analysis on the risks and rewards offered by specific annuities vehicles. The company’s solutions take into account the client’s level of risk tolerance and market dynamics to ensure customized successful retirement programs for individuals.

Long-term consultation for continued success
Michigan Retirement Specialists’ services are designed to ensure long-term success by providing clients a resource to consult on annuities selection. Clients can arrange meetings on short-notice to ensure opportunities are taken when they arise.

Selecting the ideal annuities product for an individual is a complex business. Partner with Michigan Retirement Specialists and achieve the high level results you expect. Contact the company today to learn more on how their experts can assist you.

*Performance of annuities products cannot be guaranteed. While the company can provide expert advice on specific products, they cannot make assurances as to the results of those investments.