Pre-retirement planning

Michigan Retirement Specialists Empower Effective Preretirement Planning

chairs_retirementThe team at Michigan Retirement Specialists has great experience in helping a broad range of clients meet their retirement objectives. These experienced experts understand that many working professionals don’t always have a set timetable for their retirement. And therefore, they work with clients to help them analyze the opportunities available to them, as well as devise strategies to mitigate the risks that could prevent them from reaching their target objectives.

The personal savings rate for Americans is 3.2% of take-home pay, according to 2013 statistics from the US Department of Commerce. But many industry experts believe Americans should be saving at least 10% of their take-home income. This leaves a substantial shortfall on expected retirement outcomes for the vast majority across the country. This is a shortfall that can be met by working with a proven pre-retirement strategy development expert, such as those at Michigan Retirement Specialists.

Here’s how the Company Helps Support Clients’ Retirement Objectives:

Determine Current Financial Status and Align with Future Objectives
The company’s experts begin by determining the client’s current finances and reviewing the client’s goals for the future. This gives both the in-house experts and the client a platform from which to build an actionable investment plan that supports active wealth preservation.

Evaluate Current Assets and Create an Investment Plan
Utilizing their understanding of the investment marketplace, the Michigan Retirement Specialists will then review the assets the client current holds. Upon full review, they will begin to create an investment plan for the client that blends their objectives with financial vehicles that offer them leverage in the future.

Evaluate Lifestyle to Determine Impact on Retirement Objectives
The team at Michigan Retirement Specialists will also help clients to improve their spending habits. One of the primary challenges faced by retirees is a loss of disposable income due to poor spending planning. The company’s experts can help clients overcome this challenge by plotting out their spending and highlighting areas that could be modified for greater financial strength in the long-term.

Review Current Savings in Terms of Retirement Goals
The Michigan Retirement Specialists financial analysts will review the client’s current savings and overall assets and highlight areas in which the client is not able to meet their target savings growth. This process will ensure that clients have a comprehensive understanding of how they can utilize future savings to achieve their most important objectives into retirement.

Consolidate Multiple Accounts
If the client has many different accounts open, drawing costly fees over the long-term, the Michigan Retirement Specialists team will help clients to consolidate their accounts in order to simplify their personal retirement picture. As they move toward their retirement goals, having this information presented across a smaller number of accounts will instill personal confidence through a greater understanding of available resources.

Do you know how much money you will need in your retirement? Will you be eligible for a pension? Allow the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists to help provide tangible solutions for your pre-retirement planning needs. Michigan Retirement Specialists will help you develop a personal plan for your retirement. The company’s specialists have years of experience building customized retirement solutions that ensure Americans retain their current wealth and build on their assets for a successful retirement.

Make the call today. Contact Michigan Retirement Specialists to begin planning for a successful future.