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Retirement Planning Pensions & 401K

For those in a position to retire, Michigan Retirement Specialists harnesses their understanding of the marketplace to help them decide their ACTUAL Retirement Date. The process involved in deciding the client’s retirement date includes analyzing their goals today and after retiring, their lifestyle, current financial objectives and reviewing expenses, liabilities and income to create a plan that ensures superior long-term returns. Learn More

Asset Protection

In order to achieve long-term prosperity post-retirement, Americans must enact strategies based on the best available pre-retirement planning solutions. One of the challenges faced by many is that there is no resource available within their community to help teach them about the options and opportunities that are available to help them protect and build their wealth as they age. That’s why many are now turning to Michigan Retirement Specialists to learn more about the benefits of annuities. Learn More
Tax & Accounting

Tax & Accounting Services

Taxation issues can be exceptionally complicated. So when clients have questions, the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists is always available on the phone or via email to respond to questions from clients. Clients are never left wondering about their personal financial security. It’s in prudent, professional hands with Michigan Retirement Specialists. Experience the difference years of taxation expertise can have on your personal finances. Contact the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists for a one-on-one consultation with a trusted expert. Learn More
Estate Planning
For PD / FD

Estate Planning For PD / FD

Estate planning might become a more pressing concern as we get older, but it’s a subject that is important to everyone with an asset to protect. What will happen to your property? Who will inherit your liquid assets? These are crucial questions that can be answered by specialists involved in the estate planning process. Estate planners can help individuals understand the ramifications of their plans and to ensure that all future wealth is preserved for family members and not the courts or bureaucratic systems. Learn More

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