What’s Your Date

What’s Your Date? Michigan Retirement Specialists Help Clients Set a Retirement Schedule

Mike-with-Clients_forward For those who are over 50 and unsure about their retirement objectives, the experts at Michigan Retirement Specialists offer actionable strategies that clear the path towards successful retirement. No matter where the client is within their retirement planning, the company offers customized financial solutions that are designed to help clients improve their wealth over time and protect their current assets.

The goal of our advisors is to assist you in defining your Actual Retirement Date and implement a tailored-made retirement plan for you to achieve it!

Generally, the company’s clients fall into two scheduling categories:

Over 50 and unable to Retire:
It’s a situation that many successful individuals find themselves in within the modern economy. With great responsibilities to their families and career milestones ahead, many people over 50 are simply not in the right place financially to retire. The team at Michigan Retirement Specialists offers tailor-made plans that help clients prepare for the day they will retire. And they offer comprehensive expertise on the many financial vehicles that offer great returns for a secure future. By working with one of our seasoned financial advisors you can set an ACTUAL Retirement Date. Our services includes an initial consultation & review, planning, implementing and on-going consultations (as required) to help you achieve your Actual Retirement Date. Our commitment to our client does not end at retirement, as your retirement advisors; we continue to work with and for you throughout post-retirement. After you achieve your Actual Retirement Date, we will monitor your status and be at your side to discuss and assist you with any issues and options relating to your retirement status.
Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you set your Actual Retirement Date!

Over 50 and Ready to Retire:
For those in a position to retire, Michigan Retirement Specialists harnesses their understanding of the marketplace to help them decide their ACTUAL Retirement Date. The process involved in deciding the client’s retirement date includes analyzing their goals today and after retiring, their lifestyle, current financial objectives and reviewing expenses, liabilities and income to create a plan that ensures superior long-term returns.

By working with the team at Michigan Retirement Specialists, clients can achieve the peace-of-mind in having a concrete retirement date enforced by an actionable financial growth strategy. From pre-retirement planning to post-retirement advice and management, Michigan Retirement Specialists are the leaders for retirement success. If you are ready to retire and need to establish a sound plan in motion to achieve your retirement goals, contact us today and we can help you set your Actual Retirement Date!